Intelligent recruiting tools

Recruitment automation software

Massively reduce bias, manage high volume hiring and improve the candidate experience.

Robotic process automation solutions

Plugin technology

There is no additional training required or new software to learn.

Universal hiring

24/7, multi-lingual job processing.

Encrypted and secure

CiiVSOFT does not store or process personal data.

Tailored solutions

Configurablilty is available to fit with your hiring strategy.

Automated job application screening

Using automation, accurately review 100% of job applications fairly and consistently. FiiLTER never tires and can accurately process thousands of applicants in seconds. Significantly reduce the risk of bias and promote diversity and inclusion with anonymised screening.

Automated candidate database search and match

Take immediate action on sourcing for talent at the start of a job requisition and reconsider existing candidates. Search through every applicant inside your talent database and instantly match them against new job vacancies.

Automated talent referral and recommendation

Reroute talent inside your pipeline to opportunities beyond their original application. Screen previously unmatched talent against all other open vacancies within your organisation that better suit their skillset and experience.

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