3 Examples of Gender Bias in Recruitment

Gender bias in recruitment is the inclination to favour a candidate due to gender prejudice. It’s a huge issue in hiring and can sadly affect all stages of the recruitment process. If the right precautions are not put into place, … Read More

5 Incredible uses of AI in Recruitment

Companies in the past decade have transitioned to data-driven hiring. With the growing demand for AI in every field, it has already made its way in the recruitment process too. While AI in recruitment is still at a nascent stage, … Read More

Recruiting pain points

3 Successes Your Organisation Is Experiencing and the Hidden Recruiting Pain Points Behind Them

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3 Recruitment Challenges in 2021 and How To Overcome Them

The impact of the global pandemic on recruitment continues to take its toll on employment and hiring. Over the past year, recruiters have had to make drastic changes to meet new demands and establish effective recruiting practices. Recruitment challenges Recruiting … Read More

RPO recruitment

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) In Recruitment: Changing The Way In Which We Hire

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in recruitment is the technology in which back-office tasks are automated during the hiring process. Major organisations choose to adopt RPA in order to eliminate repetitive tasks, minimise manual labour and improve recruiting productivity. Tackling administrative … Read More

Blind screening

Blind Screening: Taking Identifying Candidate Details Out of the Equation

Blind screening removes all personal data from a job application. Screening job applications blindly means that any information unrelated to the applied-for vacancy is not considered for the role. Unfortunately, there are many cases where a candidate’s name, age, gender … Read More

Recruitment automation tools for recruiters and hiring teams

3 Recruitment Automation Tools That Are Transforming Hiring

Recruitment automation is the technological process in which recruiting tasks are carried out automatically with very limited human input. Automated technologies tackle time-consuming, repetitive and administrative workloads. Providing valuable assistance to manage recruiting processes and provide results that benefit both … Read More

diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Do your hiring managers keep diversity & inclusion in mind while recruiting? Does your organization have a healthy mix of male & female populations? Do you have a healthy representation of employees belonging to different ethnicities, colors, etc.? These are … Read More

Unconscious bias in the job advert

Tackling Unconscious Bias – Starting With The Job Advert

Reducing unconscious bias in recruitment starts with the job advert. The advert is the first point of contact between job seeker and employer, so it’s vital the ad is inclusive and attracts interest from all qualified talent. Three instances of … Read More

high volume recruitment

How To Handle High Volume Recruitment

High volume recruitment during initial hiring processes involves an influx in job applications per single vacancy, over a short space of time. Whilst there are no set figures as to what exactly constitutes high volume, some research suggests filling 250 or … Read More