Keeping the human at the heart of hiring


Talent acquisition teams love using CiiVSOFT intelligent automation to help manage their recruitment workload.

Augmented Intelligence in recruitment

We build recruiting software based on the principles of Augmented Intelligence. This technology-led approach automates initial recruiting tasks and helps recruitment teams manage workloads and make smarter human-driven decisions.

Augmented intelligence our approach

Distribute heavy administrative tasks

CiiVSOFT does the heavy lifting for you. Regain valuable time to re-invest back into working candidates.

Strengthen recruiting decisions

Augmented intelligence aids recruiting tasks, human-decision making and elevates human intelligence.

Always keep the hiring decision human

Achieve more in a shorter space of time and work in harmony with technology. Guarantee all hiring decisions are kept, human.

Why companies choose ciivsoft augmented intelligence

Designed by recruiters, for recruiters

We know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Our team has decades of experience in recruitment, so it’s safe to say we know the ins and outs of the industry. With extensive knowledge and first-hand recruitment experience, we’ve built our solutions to help fix common bottlenecks in the hiring process.

We always going the extra mile

We build close relationships with our customers and are always available on hand to help them get the most out of CiiVSOFT.

Flexible and responsive team

We’re quick to adapt and meet the needs of every customer’s hiring criteria and market changes.

We implement your suggestions

We regularly implement new functionality and improvements to our solutions based on customer feedback.

Quote headshot

Director of People Systems

Agoda/Booking Holding Inc.


“We found the team to be energetic, proactive and flexible when it came to our unique business needs.”

See how CiiVSOFT is helping on-demand delivery app, Glovo manage high-volume hiring with automated screening.

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