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Screen and match job applications in seconds with CV screening software.

CV and resume screening software

Accurately screen job applications fairly and consistently

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Screen faster than ever before

Our CV screening tool FiiLTER processes thousands of job applications in seconds. Nothing phases this powerful screening technology and its ability to sift through high-volume recruiting.

Testimonial about resume software

“We hired a candidate yesterday that was processed by FiiLTER and the total time to hire was only 15 days.”

Tackle unconscious bias head-on

CV screening software removes personal and identifiable candidate information from the screening process and focuses only on job-specific factors.

How it works

FiiLTER automatically screens incoming job applications against open vacancies and recommends the best matching candidates for  recruiter review.


Post job vacancies

Candidates view job vacancies on your careers page.


Receive job applications

Job applications received into your ATS job vacancy pipeline.


Recommend for review

Matching candidates are recommended for recruiter review.


Prospect referral

REFiiNE refers applicant as a prospect for an alternative job vacancy.

Integrated technology

CiiVSOFT works through a deep integration inside an ATS or HR system and operates entirely behind the scenes.

CiiVSOFT integrations

Job application screening that enables better hiring decisions

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Fast screening

Lightning-fast processing and screening of applications mean you get to the right applicants fast.

Scalable technology

Processing applications in 75+ languages to support hiring at a local, regional or global scale.

Unbiased review

Review all job applications fairly and significantly reduce the risks of bias.


CV screening software never tires, it reviews applicants consistently and reduces the risk of human error.


Automatically consider every job application and match them against the same vacancy criteria.


On average, FiiLTER saves hiring professionals 91% of the time they spend manually reviewing job applications.

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Go beyond the CV

If candidate-specific skills and career experience are not the main position requirements, FiiLTER can also screen applicants based on responses to competency-based questions, through an assessment of text, language and context.

Watch automated resume screening in action

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