Lever Integration

CiiVSOFT + Lever

Accelerate your Lever experience, with job application screening automation like no other

CiiVSOFT powers your Lever experience with recruitment automation. Automatically screen, search and pipeline thousands of job applications in seconds – all from the comfort of your Lever platform.

Integrated technology

Never leave the Lever platform! A custom integration means there are no additional logins or separate user interfaces required.

Back-office automation

Let CiiVSOFT do the heavy lifting for you. Effortlessly, screen, source and pipeline job applications in seconds.

Boost Lever functionality

Improve user experience and productivity to ensure your existing recruiting workflow remains optimised.

Testimonial about resume software

Talent Manager

Modulr Finance


“We hired a candidate yesterday that was processed by CiiVSOFT’s screening tool and the total time to hire was only 15 days which is amazing!”

See how CiiVSOFT works

We’re always available on hand to discuss in more detail your hiring needs and how CiiVSOFT can help you achieve your goals. Book a call with our sales team to find out more.

Automated solutions for your Lever platform

Rediscover candidates already at your fingertips!

At the start of a job requisition, CiiVSOFT automatically screens past candidates in your existing talent database and matches them to new job opportunities.

CiiVSOFT recruitment automation for lever users
Screening software for lever users

Eliminate manual job application review

CiiVSOFT’s automated CV screening tool accurately screens all incoming job applications against open vacancies to save time, improve productivity and reduce bias.

Unleash the potential from unmatched applicants

CiiVSOFT automatically considers applicants who were not matched for their original intended role, against all other open job vacancies.

CiiVSOFT job application screening for Lever

One-pager: Job application screening technology for Lever

We’ve put together a handy one-page document for you to keep. It’s packed with useful information about our solution and Lever integration details.

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