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CiiVSOFT + Lever: Our latest ATS integration

CiiVSOFT + Lever: Our latest ATS integration We’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with the global talent acquisition suite, Lever. The integration allows CiiVSOFT and Lever users to support their hiring strategy with scalable recruitment automation tools. Lever, is

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Can We Trust AI in Recruitment?

In recruitment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained plenty of attraction. Many innovators and technology leaders invest in its potential to transform the way we hire. Artificial intelligence promises to mimic human intelligence in order to complete recruiting tasks and make

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3 Examples of Gender Bias in Recruitment

Gender bias in recruitment is the inclination to favour a candidate due to gender prejudice. It’s a huge issue in hiring and can sadly affect all stages of the recruitment process. If the right precautions are not put into place,

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