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Support your successful hiring strategy with recruitment automation

Automatically screen, search and pipeline thousands of job applications in seconds.

Find qualified candidates with scalable recruitment automation tools

Let CiiVSOFT do the heavy lifting for you. Using powerful automation, CiiVSOFT tackles back-office administrative recruitment tasks to help save costs, reduce time to fill and minimise bias.


Automated candidate database search and matching

Instantly search and match existing talent inside your candidate database to new job opportunities.

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Automated job application screening

Accurately screen, review and shortlist incoming CVs/resumes against every role applied for.

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Automated talent pipelining and referral

Immediately refer and recommend unmatched applicants to all other open job vacancies.

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Significant time and efficiency gains


Job applications processed


Average time savings


Monthly job & candidate comparisons

Supporting hiring at a global scale

Operating in over 70+ countries

With multi-lingual job processing, screen and match applications in any language. CiiVSOFT supports over 100 spoken languages.

Boost productivity, engage with candidates faster and improve candidate experience

So what are you waiting for? Book a demo and see for yourself how CiiVSOFT works.

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How it works

Keeping the human in hiring

CiiVSOFT operates invisibly through a seamless integration inside your current ATS/HR system. There’s no new technology to learn and works side by side with your hiring team to deliver solutions that help improve CV/resume screening, applicant shortlisting, candidate sourcing and talent pipelining.

  • Shorten time to hire

    Save hundreds of hours in manual sourcing and screening of candidates.

  • Improve process quality

    Ensure accuracy, consistency and fairness for a high quality recruiting process.

  • Reduce cost per hire

    Minimise administrative tasks and reduce the overall cost per hire.


CV screening recruitment automation

Lightening fast CV screening automation

Screen job applications

Using automation, CiiVSOFT reviews 100% of all job applications fairly and consistently. It never tires and can accurately process thousands of applicants in seconds. Significantly reduce the risk of bias and promote diversity and inclusion with anonymised screening.

Match past candidates to new job roles

Rediscover existing talent

Instantly search your talent database for matching applicants against new job vacancies. Create valuable re-engagement opportunities and rediscover existing talent within your candidate database.

Rediscover talent in database
Maximise talent opportunities

Reroute unmatched applicants to open vacancies

Maximise hiring opportunities

Immediately pipeline talent to opportunities beyond their original job application. Screen previously unmatched talent against all open vacancies within your organisation that suit their skill set and experience.

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