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Intelligent recruitment automation to support your successful hiring strategy.

Recruitment automation search
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Recruitment automation screening

Super fast screening and efficient talent matching technology


Automated resume screening

Sift and review every job application quickly and fairly.


Automated candidate search

Screen and match existing talent against every new job vacancy.

Match and refer

Automated talent referral

Instantly refer unmatched applicants to all other open job vacancies.

With huge processing power

Job applications processed
Candidate recommendations
0 billion
Total job and candidate comparisons

How CiiVSOFT works

Recruitment automation that keeps the human in hiring

We do things a little differently here…

CiiVSOFT never makes a hiring decision for you. Instead, our technology accelerates initial recruitment stages to help you reach the best matching candidates quicker than before. The result? Fairer and more efficient human decision making.

CiiVSOFT works around the world!

Trusted by global businesses

Why businesses choose CiiVSOFT

Benefits of recruitment automation

Save thousands of hours in job applicant screening, searching and pipelining and start engaging with talent faster.

CiiVSOFT makes the perfect addition to help keep on top of high volume hiring and job application interest.

CiiVSOFT is super simple to use. There's no new technology to learn and works behind the scenes inside your ATS.

Lightning-fast resume screening automation

Accurately screen thousands of job applications in seconds with fair anonymised screening.

Resume screening automation
Candidate search technology

Maximise potential from silver medalist candidates

Get a head start on talent sourcing and automatically screen and match past applicants in your candidate database to new job roles.

Refer unmatched talent to all open vacancies

Automatically screen and match candidates who were unsuccessful in their original application to all other open vacancies.

Automatically refer unmatched applicants technology

Intelligent automation inside the tech you already love and use

Effortlessly screen and match thousands of job applications behind the scenes inside your ATS platform.

Ready to start using recruitment automation?

Learn how CiiVSOFT can support your business needs.

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