How To Reduce Bias In The Recruitment Process

Reduce bias in recruitment

Unconscious bias in recruitment

Traditional resume screening practices are often prone to unconscious bias due to a candidate’s, name, age and gender. CiiVSOFT automation helps overcome this by evaluating candidate potential based on key data points correlating to the job profile NOT personal characteristics.

How CiiVSOFT tackles bias

How to reduce bias in recruitment

Removes personal and identifiable information

Fairly considers 100% of all job applicants

Focuses only on job compatibility

Job applicant screening

Implementing automation can help tackle bias during the CV/resume screening and matching process. CiiVSOFT takes these three steps to ensure the applicant review is fair and inclusive.

Anonymise candidate data

CiiVSOFT removes identifiable information from a job application that could be subject to bias. This includes examples such as a candidate’s name, age and gender.

Prioritise candidate potential

Automatically match candidates to job roles based on their skills, experience, qualifications and other role related factors.

Consistent candidate review

Review consistently all candidate applications against the same job criteria for a fair initial screen

Guide: How to tackle bias in recruitment

We’ve put together a two-part document to help guide you through the steps which CiiVSOFT takes to reduce bias. Simply fill in the form to receive your copy.

Guide to reduce bias in recruitment
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