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Tips on how to write the perfect job description

How To Write The Perfect Job Description

When it comes to hiring a new employee, one of the most important documents used in the process is a job description. A good job description serves as a valuable reference point for both candidates and employers in the recruitment

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What to do about those hard to fill positions

How To Find Talent For Hard-To-Fill Positions

A hard-to-fill position is unfortunately not hard to come by. In fact, research states that 47% of employers have hard-to-fill vacancies with the most common sectors including, education, transport and storage and the voluntary sector. Hard-to-fill positions are usually a

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Job description bias

5 Examples Of Bias In A Job Description

Where is bias occurring in the job description? When posting a job advert, it’s not enough to simply click the post button without further thought of the bias that can occur within the description. The job description is the first

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