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How Technology Will Help The Recruiter Rather Than Replace Them

The advancement in recruitment technology has some hiring professionals questioning their job security. Will AI replace the need for humans to acquire top talent? Does a robot have the capability to take away human input during different stages of the hiring process?

3 Benefits Of Recruitment Automation For The Recruiter

Since the arrival of technology in recruitment, there has been a lot of questioning about the purpose of the recruiter. Even though this intelligent technology can invigorate a variety of recruiter’s day-to-day tasks, in our opinion, the recruiter’s role in

The Power Of Your Existing Talent Database

For a single hire, a recruiter devotes a significant amount of time. Time spent advertising, shortlisting, interviewing and engaging with candidates. All to make that final hiring decision. When the recruiter has made up their mind, they have the difficult job of reporting

Recruiters Now Have Less Time Than Ever To Review A CV

Time is of the essence For a recruiter, sifting through a pile of CVs can be a daunting prospect. How they choose to narrow down the applications can affect the talent they eventually acquire. According to Job Market Experts, President Robert Meirer states,

Recruitment automation and candidate experience

3 Ways Hiring Technology Can Improve Candidate Experience

There’s lots of talk about how hiring technology can provide many benefits for the recruiter – but what about the candidate? The candidate should be treated as a priority within the recruitment process and for this reason, it’s important to

How To Prevent Bias In The Recruitment Process

Bias has been a key issue in recruitment for many years. We can argue that things are improving, but we still have a long way to go. Even though different laws have been put into place to fight discrimination, sadly,

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