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How To Rebuild A Damaged Recruitment Reputation

Opinions and beliefs are what form an organisation’s reputation. Within recruitment, a strong reputation can mean the difference between clients and candidates favouring one company over another. A good reputation isn’t built overnight (Rome wasn’t built in a day!). It takes time

Modern recruiter

The 4 Key Skills Of A Modern Recruiter

The recruiter’s role is evolving and a successful modern recruiter is one who can adapt to these changes. Their job requires more than just making a good job match on paper and with technology and influences shaping the industry, it’s important

A Bad ‘Culture Fit’ – Or Just An Excuse To Discriminate?

Culture fit is a concept that has been previously defined as, employees’ beliefs and behaviours aligning with their employer’s core values and company culture. Employers often strive to find the right culture fit for their company. Based on the presumption

5 Clear Signs Your Recruitment Process Needs A Revamp

In order to keep up in a technological era, it’s important to adapt and assess the current way of doing things. Within hiring, learning to recognise these potential changes within your recruitment process can help contribute to an overall more effective

3 Ways Technology Helps Improve The Quality Of Hire

Quality of hire means ensuring the right candidate accepts a potential job role, to improve employee retention rates and discourage the financial risks of making a bad hiring decision.  1. Time-saving initiatives Through time-saving initiatives, there can be more done to

Are Candidates Aware They’re Being ‘Kept On File?’

“We’ll keep your details on file…” is one of the most overused terms within recruitment. Usually, candidates who were unsuccessful within their interview are used to being told their details will be ‘kept on file’ — on the off chance,

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